5 Indications You Need Roofing Repairs or Replacement

Roofing replacement seems expensive but providing the right repairs and maintenance will put this day off for the maximum amount of time possible. Below are five indicators you might need roofing repairs or replacement.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

You should always do a visual check of your roof after any severe storms or as a periodic maintenance routine. You should be able to see most areas of the roof from ground level, but it might require standing on a ladder in some areas. Try and avoid standing on the roof for safety reasons and to avoid inadvertently damaging the surface. You should have repairs done if any of the shingles appear broken, curled, or are completely missing.

Pooling Water and Uneven Roofing Surface

If you notice large areas of water collecting on your roof after a rain, it might indicate you have dips in the surface. An uneven roofing surface can suggest a problem with the wood used under the roofing material. You will need a Portland roofing company like Sunnyside Roofing Services to inspect the roof for possible repair needs.

Roofing Materials are Over 25 Years Old

You need to begin making plans to replace the roof if the materials are over 25 years old. There are some materials like metal which last longer, but it depends on the overall care given. Asphalt shingles rarely make it past the 25-year mark.

Interior Water Leaks

Inspect the inside of your home for water leaks. Some water leaks are obvious due to stains left on the ceiling. Others are more hidden and may require searching the attic space of your home. Check for wet areas of wood and insulation.

Visible Storm Damage

Severe storms that carry high winds and hail can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your roof. The wind can rip roofing materials off and cause debris to come crashing down. Hail can wreak havoc on metal roofing and shingles. Have any visible signs of damaged repaired right away.

If you experience problems with your roof such as water leaks and high energy bills, take time to do a complete visual inspection of the surface. Involve the help of an experienced roofer if you are unable to locate the problem yourself.

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