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6 Simple Tips to Buy the Best Tile Saw In the Market

Tiles have become a ubiquitous feature in most residential and commercial buildings over the years. Tiles come in versatile designs to suit any type of floor or wall area. More importantly, homeowners are looking for durability and this is something tile floors offer.  These floors are easier to maintain compared to timber.

If you are a contractor, you must be overwhelmed by the increasing demand for high quality tile floors. This is why you need the best tools in the industry to guarantee high quality projects. With the best tile saw in the market, you are able to remain true to the design requirements of your client.

More importantly, it is more convenient to handle even the most complicated cutting angles if you have the right cutter. Believe it or not, if you want to increase your client base you must start by getting the right tile saw.

There are so many so-called best tile saw in the market and choosing one can be tricky. To get it right, consider the following factors:

  1. Reputation of the brand: Many brands have come up in the construction equipment industry and this contractors looking for the best products. It is important to review the reputation of the construction equipment in the market by reading reviews and testimonials by other contractors using their products.
  2. Power: You should go for a tile saw that can cut precisely and cleanly without damaging your tiles. The motor should be powerful enough to handle not only ceramic tiles but also natural stone and porcelain. Consider the type of materials you will be working with in your projects when choosing the power range to guarantee you do a clean job and avoid expensive damages.
  3. Warranty: Top tile saw brands provide warranty for their equipment. If you are to buy a RUBI tile saw, make sure it comes with an industry leading warranty to avoid costly repairs and maintenance. Such a warranty is also proof that the manufacturer has invested both in design and construction of the product.
  4. Versatility: While hand held RUBI tile cutter would be the best for apprentices and home DIY projects, it is important to go for a versatile machine such as the RUBI DC-250 if you are a contractor handling big projects. The best products come with a frame attachment ad the entire unit can be moved from site to the next. Such a unit is easier to use and you are more precise in creating grooves, mitering L-cuts and U-cuts.
  5. The blade: This is the most component in a tile saw because it determines how precise and clean your cutting lines are. Diamond is the most common cutter as it guarantees proper edges without chipping or scaling. When shopping for a tile saw, ensure you go for a diamond blade for better outcomes.
  6. Add-ons: Look for a water flow feature to prevent the tile from heating during cutting. A laser tracker is also important for precision cutting while a tile fixer helps hold the tile in position.

When buying a tile saw, take your time because the product will determine the quality of your work.

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