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A Problem in the Line: When to Call a Plumbing Professional

Your plumbing might function for years without a professional’s help. In fact, the entire household may be proud that they care so much for the pipes. Strainers cap every drain so that clogs are almost impossible. However, there will come a time when you must call the professionals. It’s time to focus on possible problems in your plumbing lines. A plumber Austin may be the best call you make all year.

Water in the Yard

It hasn’t rained in weeks, but you have a constant puddle in your yard. Don’t write off this anomaly as a weather issue. This water may be coming from below the grass. Expert plumbers can slide a tiny camera into your plumbing lines in order to see the issues. There may be a cracked pipe that just happens to be located in your yard.

Plumbing professionals must locate the crack and repair it. It’s possible for several cracks to be involved too. Only trained eyes can find those cracks that allow gallons of water out and into your yard.

Clogs in Every Toilet

If you have a clogged toilet in one room, there’s probably an obstruction. You can call a plumber or fix the issue yourself. When every toilet in the home has a simultaneous clog, there’s a bigger problem occurring than just a single obstruction.

A main line might have a major clog. Congealed fat and tree roots are the most common reasons for a main-line clog. Plumbers must inspect the line for any issues. With the main line fixed, every toilet should work normally once again.

Discolored Hot Water

The separate, hot-and-cold water knobs in your bathroom and kitchen should only have temperature differences between them. The water looks the same otherwise. However, a plumbing issue arises when there’s discolored water. This water probably comes from the hot-water heater. An old tank may have rust within the interior, which leaches out and into the plumbing pipes.

Your plumber must inspect the tank and possibly replace it. Your hot water at the fixtures won’t be discolored anymore. It’s a rare occasion when discolored water actually comes from the municipal supplies.

Ideally, hire a plumber at least once a year. These professionals, including Daniel’s Plumbing, can perform basic maintenance to protect the pipes from any decline. These minor repairs fight off major problems that might result from neglected systems.

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