Cleaning Up After A Job At Home Couldn’t Be Easier

How you clean up after a job rates very highly with the majority of customers or clients and often a quick sweep up is simply not enough to satisfy high standards, however you can keep in favour and make a decent job of cleaning up with one or two decent tools.

A standard domestic vacuum cleaner is simply not good enough for tackling some jobs and will result in blocked pipes and hoses as well as filters. It’s false economy to buy the cheapest one you can find as not only will it fail to clean properly, it could break down at any time when you need it. A far better option would be to go for a model that has been around for years and has a reputation for doing a thorough job of cleaning. Numatics Henry Vacuum Cleaner has been around for over 20 years and is the first choice for many professionals including electricians, builders and office cleaners due to its reliability and effective and thorough cleaning abilities.


When it comes to energy consumption, the Henry is A rated and comes with a choice of two operating speeds for optimum cleaning performance on all types of floors. It has a 10 meter cable and rewind storage system so you won’t constantly need to unplug and relocate it to another socket to get the job done. The Henry comes with a tool for almost any job and the tubes are constructed from stainless steel unlike the flimsy plastic of many cheaper alternatives that can break after only a short time. The long flexible hose that attaches to stainless steel tubes means you can clean to the top of a domestic staircase without the need to drag the cleaner up the stairs. This would be a reliable piece of equipment to add to the tools of your trade.


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