Designing A Garden That Can Be Enjoyed During Winter

Some homeowners are hesitant when considering the prospect of taking on a garden. Often, such outdoor spaces are in the view of neighbours and, if not maintained, can reflect badly upon your property. Even natural winter processes, such as trees turning bare and flowers disappearing, can be embarrassing. Perhaps worse is the inability to enjoy a garden space during the colder months, with homeowners understandably not wanting to be outside during rain, wind, and frost. For those willing to take on a garden, the return on investment is difficult to achieve.

There are, however, ways to transform your garden into a space that can be enjoyed year-round, one that also keeps up its appearances during the most bitter weather. While you may have to say goodbye to regimented flower beds, the following tips will help you get you far more reward from your garden annually.

Know Your Plants

While your cherished roses may disappear in the cold, there are many plants, arguably just as beautiful in appearance, that can more easily manage the turning climate. Nerines keep their colour long through autumnal weather and are a great partner to hellebores that tend to flower at the beginning of winter, working together to ensure a brightly coloured garden during the winter solstice.

Give Them Glass

Greenhouses, polytunnels, and mini-greenhouses are all fantastic ways to keep your garden a source of interest during the winter and are becoming more affordable as their popularity increases. These structures can help to support plants through cold periods, enabling even casual gardens to grow beautiful blooms and delicious ingredients.


Your garden doesn’t necessarily have to be an outdoor space. In fact, many homeowners are now utilising their gardens as a site for another room. With summer houses, annexes, and log cabins, there is a huge potential for properties with an outbuilding structure that can be heated, powered, and, ultimately, enjoyed, all year round. While many of these are being used for home office spaces and guest rooms, there’s also a significant number that are becoming luxury spaces, such as cinema rooms and private bars.

Build a Habitat

While many creatures will be hiding away and hibernating during winter, there are just as many that keep appearing as they seek out food. It can become a struggle for those animals during the winter, not only due to harsh weather conditions but also because of food scarcity. Simple tasks like building a habitat for hedgehogs or maintaining a bird feeder will not only help these wonderful animals to survive the winter but will also keep your garden space aflutter with activity.

Simply, Decorate

While nature’s beauty will hide away in the cold climate, your own designs and structures will persist, which is why getting creative with your garden design is an excellent way to maintain your garden’s appearance year-round. Colour pots, stone designs, willow structures, and other robust garden decors will each keep your garden appearing attractive.

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