Eco-friendly Or Natural Methods to Clean Wood Flooring

Lots of people such as the natural wood flooring at home. Wood flooring provide you with feeling of warmth and earthiness within the room. floors are often produced from bare and unvarnished wood. But use a finish in your floor too. There are various finishing possibilities for wood flooring. Wax finish, varnish, lacquer or memory is a few of the common floor finishes. Wood floor need additional care so they continue for lengthy and keep the initial shape intact. Cleaning is difficult for wood floor. You need to follow some guidelines to maintain your floor free of debris and dirt. The easiest method to clean your wood floor may be the natural or eco-friendly way. This won’t safeguard your floor but additionally safeguard the atmosphere from dangerous toxic chemicals as well as keep the kids protected from the results of toxic cleaners.

Needed Products

-Cider vinegar or white-colored vinegar


-Broom or vacuum

-Soft, absorbent cloths or mops

-Natural soap (essential olive oil soap)


1.Regular cleaning and vacuuming is essential to maintain your Floor clean. Convey a door pad outdoors and get individuals to are available in after cleaning their footwear on the door pad. If at all possible keep these things are available in bare footed and removing footwear in the door.

2.Any type of liquid or water is harmful to floor. So, try not to spill any liquid or water on the ground to prevent harm to it. When you get any spills of liquid wipe it immediately with soft absorbent cloth or paper towel.

3.A combination of natural soap (essential olive oil soap) and water is the greatest choice to neat and wash the incomplete floor. Always employ the soft cloth to clean or clean the wood flooring. Avoid any kind of puddles on the ground surface. Cider vinegar and water option would be another easy way wash the incomplete wood flooring.

4.In situation you’ve got a finish in your floor, inspect which kind of finish has you. It may be wax finish or perhaps a varnished, lacquered or memory finished floor. If your small drop water produces a whitish place on the ground which means you’ve got a wax finish. Otherwise you could have the other floor finish.

5.Floor with wax finish can easily clean with water that is clean and soft cloth. You may also apply wax around the broken tattered area.

6.For floors have finishes apart from wax, you should use 1/4 cup of white-colored vinegar included a quart water with soft cloth. Soak the material using the solution and squeeze it around you are able to. Apply it to the ground to wash the top. This solution may also be used on incomplete wood flooring. But you have to dry it once you finished cleaning.

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