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Follow These 7 Steps After Unexpected Storm Damage

Despite weather warnings, most people cannot do much to prevent the damage caused by a storm. However, as a homeowner, you need to ensure that your home is checked for all kinds of issues, including material damages, structural concerns and water logging. Below are the important steps you can follow right after a storm.

  • Wait for weather news. Storms are often followed by heavy rains and winds. Do not venture out, unless you are sure of the same. Follow your radio news, and if possible, talk to your neighbors.

  • Vacate the house. If you see cracked walls or exposed wires, vacate the property immediately. Keep in mind that structural damage may not be visible on surface, so you need a team of experts that specializes in handling such situations. Keep your kids, older parents and pets away from the house.
  • Cut off power and water. Regardless of the extent of damages, you need to cut off the power and water supply. This will prevent possible electrical issues and plumbing leaks respectively. Do not use your electronic gadgets and appliances, unless checked by the restoration team.
  • Seek help immediately. Many companies offer services related to storm damage Novato CA, so make sure to call one of the top-rated options. Ask the cleanup company to do a thorough check of the house for all kinds of losses and damages, so that you can make an insurance claim.
  • Ask for a quote. Sadly, water and storm damage services aren’t cheap, and you may have a big bill waiting for you. However, you can prevent hidden charges by asking for an advanced estimate. The estimate should be clear and sorted for all inclusions and taxes.
  • Follow up the work. It is best to be present for the restoration work, as long as the property structure is declared safe. If you are too busy, you may ask a friend or someone senior in the house to supervise the work.

  • Do your bit. If there is extensive water damage, try to clean the water and reduce the amount of soaked fabrics, mattresses and carpets in the house. Of course, you can always rely on professional services, but lending a helping hand can speed up the entire work.

Finally, be careful while calling for cleanup services. The right company should respond on time and must offer on-spot services within an hour, depending on the overall situation of the area.

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