Planning A New Family Home Build In Shrewsbury

Many people dream of building their home and having a design ideal for them and their families, and for a lucky few, this dream is made into reality each year. It is often a wake-up call to people planning to build their first home, as they usually do not realise how much is involved in designing and building a property. You have many details that you need to take care of before your project is complete, and if you are project managing your build, it will consume a lot of your time. Below are some of the factors you need to consider and things you will need to do to help you start planning and building your dream home.

Finding The Perfect Spot To Build

Before you start looking at the design of your property or for the best builders in Shrewsbury, you will need to find a suitable plot of land. Finding the perfect location is often tricky, and you will not want to be in the middle of nowhere, as connecting your property to services and utilities will be extremely expensive.

Designing Your Dream Property

You will also need to find a suitable architect who can draw the necessary plans for the property. Your building company will need these plans to follow when they are building, and you will also need these plans to gain planning permission for your property. Finding a reputable and quality architect can help you design your ideal house and ensure it has the best chance of receiving planning permission.

Getting Permission To Build

The next phase of the project is to get permission from the local council for you to build your dream property. As long as your architect has done his homework and all the necessary paperwork is in order, you will hopefully have no issues. The process can typically take about eight weeks to complete, and then you can start looking at getting a quality building company for your project.

Speaking To The Building Companies

You will now want to start looking at the different building companies in the Shrewsbury area and discuss your project with them. You will want to have the quote for the project, and it is best to get two quotes from each firm. You can ask for a quote that includes all the materials in the cost and a separate quote for only the building work, and you supply the materials. Many building companies can add around 10% to the cost of the building materials for the customer, so you can save money by providing the materials yourself.

Deciding Which Building Company To Use

When deciding which building company to use, price is a vital factor, but you should not make your decision based solely on this factor. You will want to look at the standard of work each company does for its customers and their online reputations. Look at their social media profiles on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and see the reviews and comments left by previous clients. Doing so can help you select the best building company for your dream home build and ensure they do a quality job.

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