Preserve and display your arts and crafts with custom framing

If you’ve been shopping for a frame for a special photo or award, you may run into ‘cookie cutter’ items that really don’t capture the essence of your piece. Even the most expensive frames may be attractive and high quality, but still miss the mark in terms of individuality. If you can’t find the perfect frame, call an experienced custom framer for the right solutions for all of your pictures and artwork.

You may be wondering if there really is a difference between store-bought and custom frames for photos, documents, and artwork. If the item you need to frame is of non-standard dimensions, has investment or sentimental value, then custom framing offers better solutions than standard frames.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose custom picture framing for your treasured items.

1. Higher Quality Materials

When cardboard and plastic won’t do, you’ll need a custom frame. A professional framing shop has high-quality materials that offer UV protection for your photos and artwork. Also, a custom framer will build a frame to give you the perfect display. You’ll find several options for raised or recessed display. Custom framers also use the higher quality wood, ceramic, and metal materials to create the best frame for you.

2. Greater Selection and Customization

You can find a frame for just about anything when you choose a custom frame. One size fits all won’t do when you need to display certain items like needlepoint or your child’s special art project. You’ll find multiple options for matting and molding, which is the foundation for the perfect framing project.

3. Value Protection

Whether your art is an investment or you just need to protect the sentimental value of photos and art, custom framing provides the best solutions. Custom framing protects your items from light damage, preventing yellowing and fading.

4.Knowledgeable and Experienced Framers

Professional framers are artists in their own right. They use specialized techniques and have access to the right tools to preserve and frame all types of artwork and photos. You can expect a personal consultation to determine the right materials and techniques for your items.

5. Uniquely Designed for You

Express yourself and let your personality shine through. Use custom framing to make your certificates and degrees stand out in your office or workspace. At home, use custom frames to enhance your décor. Let a professional create the perfect frame for your family photos. For older or antique photos, you can have a custom frame made to match the era and style of your treasured photos.

When individuality counts, custom framing makes everything unique. Custom frames let you personalize your office or workplace, and add style and beauty to your home or living space. When quality matters, custom framers have the right tools and techniques to handle the most delicate artwork and antique portraits. When service is key, custom framers offer on-site consultations and custom hanging and display services.

Preserve and display your treasured photos, portraits, artwork, and awards with custom framing by Perfect Frames.

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