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Take These Immediate Steps after a Sudden Storm

Sudden storms and hurricanes can be devastating in many ways. As a home owner, you need to be very careful about such situations. Apart from water damage and flooding, storms can also cause structural damage to your property. Here are the immediate steps you need to follow.

  1. Check weather information. Storms are often followed by smaller storms and heavy rains. You need to know if it’s safe to venture out.
  2. Check your house. Do you see signs like cracked walls and roof? Are there any exposed wires or sparkling switchboards? Is the basement flooded? For such kind of aftermath, you need to vacate the house immediately.

  • Call for help. It’s very essential to call a company that specializes in storm damage restoration Baltimore, MD. Check online to find helpline numbers of top services, or else, you can ask references from your neighbors.
  • Don’t try cleaning straight away. There can be potential electrical hazards, and you don’t want to cause further issues. Make sure that you wait for professional help to arrive. The restoration experts should declare that the place is safe to use.
  • Check for sewage overflows. Sewage issues are more damaging than water flooding. It can lead to serious contamination of all goods and surroundings, and it is important to ensure complete cleaning and sanitization.

  • Note down everything. Insurance claims can be a nightmare in many ways. Restoration services often work with insurers directly, which can be an added advantage. Nevertheless, note down all the details of your home damages.
  • Throw away wet products. Do not store wet products in the house, especially in the store room or laundry room. This can lead to further mold problems, which can cause many health hazards. If you want to preserve a few things, keep them out in the open (as long as there are no further rain warnings).
  • Help others. If you have already found a restoration team, make sure that your neighbors have assistance, as well. Check on your friends in town to know if they are safe and whether they need any help.

  • Lastly, be there for the restoration work. Storm damage cleanup requires supervision, and regardless of the expertise of the concerned service, you need to be present to ensure that the work is done with complete care. Ask the company if they are offering a guarantee on the job.

Don’t delay in taking action!

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