Teaching Your Children Good Home Security Habits

If you have young children in your home you should place greater importance on home security. Another thing that you can achieve over time is a culture of safety and security within the home, teaching your children good home security habits that reinforce your home as a haven of safety.

So what are the things you can teach your children about home security that can help your overall home security plan and complement any systems that you have in place in terms of alarms, additional locks and lighting systems.

Security Alarm Basics

In every home it’s wise to make sure you should install a home security alarm system. If you already have one in place, or you are installing one it can make a huge difference to your peace of mind, especially if there will be times where your older children are left unsupervised at home. You can purchase and install a security system that is tailored to your requirements fairly easily with a number of wireless systems on the market that don’t require specialised installation. Once installed you can teach your children exactly how to use the system, how to activate and deactivate the alarm and the steps to take in certain situations that may arise. Many alarms are now even easier for children to use with the additions of remote controls and RFID tags that allow children to easily operate the alarm.

Create an Emergency Schedule

As well as teaching your children how to use the alarm systems you have installed, you should also provide them with an easy to find, and easy to use, list of emergency numbers should they require them when you’re not at home. This should include telephone numbers for the police, fire, local council, emergency utility companies, as well as key phone numbers for family and friends that they can call in an emergency. Ensure your children know which numbers to call in specific scenarios

Keep the Doors Locked

The last step that can help you keep your home safe as your children grow is to teach them home security practices suitable to the specifics of your property that you have perfected over time. Firstly, they should always check who is outside the property before opening the front door, and to never let a stranger enter the home. This includes people that your children may know, so give them a list of people that they can open the door to if you are not present, or in another part of the house (usually close family members and specific friends of the family). Teach them how to lock windows and doors if they are leaving or entering the property so you know all aspects of your property are secure at all times.

These central lessons of home security should be passed on to your children to promote a culture of security awareness, learning and overall personal safety. Always inspect, maintain and upgrade your home security measures.

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