The Benefits of Custom Handrails Around the House

Falls are one of the most serious and dangerous incidents that threaten senior citizens. For anyone over 65 years of age or with some kind of other vulnerability, falling could create a serious injury. Studies have also found that falling doubles the chance of you falling again. Some people tend to downplay the danger of a fall, or they think a fall won’t happen to them. Before discussing how to prevent a fall, it’s important to establish the actual danger of a fall.

Handrails Around the House


Every year, millions of senior citizens are treated in emergency rooms because of injuries incurred during falls. The United States Centers for Disease Control has found that one out of every five falls causes a serious injury. These serious injuries range from broken bones to head injuries. Almost 100% of hip fractures are caused by falls; typically, these fractures are caused by falling sideways.

Of all the factors that cause traumatic brain injuries, falls are the most common. They’re scary, but they are preventable. Here is how.

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How to Prevent Falls

Handrails throughout your house could definitely help you reduce the kinds of falls that produce injuries. They’re especially useful in the bathroom or on the stairs. Bathrooms can be dangerous because the amount of tile plus the higher chance of your floor being wet. It’s much easier to slip in the bathroom than just about anywhere else. Safety grab rails in Melbourne are custom made for you so that you can find rails specifically for your bathroom, stairs, living room, and so on. When you need to climb out of the bathtub, walk up and down the stairs, or clean the refrigerator, you might need a little help stabilising yourself.

One of the biggest benefits of buying handrails specifically designed to be handrails is that you can get them in various finishes that actually help your stability. For example, many rails come in stainless steel. However, when you buy grab rails specifically designed to prevent falls, you can get them with satin or powder coated finish. Those finishes are going to provide a little more grip when you need to move around, which is especially helpful if your hands are wet.

How to Prevent Falls

Lift Away Handrails and Custom Sizes

Often, falls occur in very awkward places in the house that were never actually designed to have rails, such as bathrooms or closets. Bathrooms and closets are often cramped, awkwardly designed, or just plain small. That can make it difficult to move around, but it can also make it difficult to install grab rails. That’s why some of the best manufacturers have a lift away handrail that is designed specifically for small spaces. You can place the handrail in its cradle to sit down and stand up; then, when you’re done, you can lift it away so it doesn’t take up too much space.

Falling is one of the biggest dangers a senior citizen faces. A grab rail can reduce that risk.

Handrails and Custom Sizes

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