The Dos and Don’ts of Selecting Pest Control in Georgetown, TX

Pest invasion is a serious and shared concern among homeowners in Georgetown. It is no secret that temperatures in Texas can soar in the summer, which is also when pest infestation becomes more apparent. Pest control is not something to be taken for granted. Some insects, including roaches, can pose serious health risks, while others, like termites, can damage your property. The good news is you can find numerous local services for pest control in Georgetown, TXIn this post, we have a list of dos and don’ts that will help you make a choice. 

The dos

  • Ask about licensing. Pest control companies in Texas are required to adhere to strict licensing requirements. Before you hire a service, do check their licenses. 
  • Ask about insurance. A reliable exterminator should have liability insurance. If their workers end up causing damage to your home or property, you shouldn’t be liable for the losses. 
  • Check reviews. If a company claims to be the best in Georgetown for pest control and management, it must have good reviews. Always check online reviews posted by other customers. 
  • Consider the response. Did the company respond immediately to your call? Did they send someone to inspect your property? Were you happy with the initial talk? These are some relevant questions worth answering. 
  • Get an estimate. Make sure the pest control company shares an estimate in advance. The quote should include all applicable costs and taxes. 
  • Get references. Always ask the company to share a few customer references for you to verify. Call their previous clients to know about their experience. 
  • Check if they have an in-house team. Many companies in Georgetown give their contracts to other smaller services for a commission. Ensure that the company has its team. 
  • Discuss the pest control methods. While there are certain health and environmental risks of pest control, you may want to know how to mitigate a few. 

The don’ts

  • Give into the pressure. The pest control company may ask you to sign the contract immediately for a discount. Don’t fall for these tricks. 
  • Choose the cheapest estimate. Exterminators often try to offer cheap quotes but never choose a company on that pointer alone. 
  • Pay for an inspection. The initial inspection and quote should be free of obligation. If you are asked to pay for either, look for other options.   

Hire a pest control company as soon as you find the initial signs!

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