The Importance of Colouring for Children

There are many different kinds of toys for children. These days, it seems like most of the toys for children are actually just virtual. There are games on computers and phones, as well as common toys being converted to digital. For example, colouring has become something that is available on phones and tablets now; many parents are choosing to buy apps for colouring instead of buying actual colouring books. The appeal of this is obvious; with a virtual colouring app, children can colour all they want without making a mess. There’s no risk of them getting paint or crayons on the walls or on the carpet. Also, it’s much easier to correct mistakes when they’re done on a virtual program. However, all of these supposed benefits are actually drawbacks.

Importance of Colouring

Children colour because they like bright colours, and they like tactile experiences. When you allow your child to colour on a tablet or a phone, there’s no real tactile experience, and they also don’t learn the important lessons gleaned from colouring. When you were a child, you might have accidentally coloured outside the lines, or spilled paint that stained something in your home. Those were very real consequences to your actions, even though it may have been an accident. It’s important for children to learn what happens when something spills or they act recklessly. The quick “undo” features of virtual apps make that lesson much harder to teach. The tactile, real world sensations of a good colouring book teach that in a way that computers never can.

Colouring for Children2

The great colouring books made by Tiger Tribe are an example of great items that kids will love and also learn from.

Hand Eye Coordination

In addition to learning about consequences, colouring teaches hand eye coordination. Children try to stay within the lines when they’re colouring, but most of them are unable to. It takes an incredible amount of concentration on their part, because their hand-eye coordination isn’t very good. In the same way that playing sports with your kid is important for them to develop good coordination, colouring is also imperative. In fact, recent research has found that children who colour with the express attempt to stay within the lines are more likely to develop hand-eye coordination before their peers. They also tend to have better fine motor skills, and have better concentration.

Colouring for Children1

All of these reasons for getting your child colouring books are great, but at the end of the day, the most important reason is that kids like them. They really like the feel of paper and crayons or coloured pencils. They like the act of actually putting colour down onto paper; virtual apps are great for when you’re traveling or in a pinch, but nothing beats actual paper.

You need to make sure you find a good source for colouring books, though. Some stores tend to have small selections of books, or they’re not quite right for your child. Picking a great source is as simple as searching through a toy manufacturer’s website and making sure that they offer a wide selection of options.

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