Tips For Tree Lighting

Tree lighting can enhance your landscape by adding beauty and elegance. There are many options. A vision of what you want to see at night is essential for the great tree lighting.

Different types of trees

Different tree types require different lighting techniques. Two types of trees are common in most yards: coniferous (evergreens and pine, spruce, spruce) and deciduous. These two types of trees have different lighting options depending on the part you are trying to highlight. For example, if your goal is to highlight the tree’s coverage, the fixture will need to be placed at a different angle and location than if it is focusing on its trunk.

Placement and fixture

Grade-up lights and directional-up lamps are the most common types of tree lighting fixtures. Directional lights can be adjusted to suit your needs. Directional uplights are great for larger trees because they can be adjusted to hit the target. For low-profile trees such as the Japanese maple, grade-up lights are great. These fixtures are great for illuminating small trees or getting light down to lower.

Trees are not all created equal

Also, trees are not the same. This is why no two trees should ever be lit in the same way. For smaller trees, a weaker light source is required. Larger trees will require a stronger bulb and multiple fixtures. You can achieve this by using a variety of bulbs to create different beam spreads and lumen outputs. This allows you to tailor the effect to your needs.

Balance and arrangement

It is important to realize that not all landscapes need to be lit by the same light source. To create balance, it’s important to look at the overall appearance of the space that you are lighting. Balance is about creating a flow that helps you create the scene you want.

This article focuses on the benefits of adding tree lighting to your landscape lighting systems. It can greatly enhance your outdoor space.

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