Tips To Buy A Pool Cleaner For Regular Maintenance

Cleaning the pool isn’t a choice. If you want the entire family to have quality pool time over the weekends, maintenance and upkeep cannot be ignored. Over the last few years, the demand for cleaners has been on the rise. While there are plenty of pool cleaning services, which send their experts for monthly upkeep, these services are surely expensive and often are not suitable for all kinds of needs. A better and more effective choice is to go for cleaners, which can help in better maintenance without spending a fortune each time. Check some of the quick facts about pool cleaners and tips to choose the right one.

The basics

Before you choose a cleaner, always choose to read the in-depth reviews. There are some amazing websites like, where you can find reviews of popular models, which makes it easy to compare the options available. Cleaners can be divided into two categories – manual and automated.

The manual cleaners, as the name suggest, need to be used manually. These work like vacuum cleaners, to suck all kinds of dirt, debris and leaves. Of course, you would need to make time for such work. However, this is the most effective and budget friendly options, which can work for all kinds of pools.


The automated cleaners are meant to be more flexible and offer some level of relief, when it comes to spending time on the maintenance work. Here are the top options in detail.

  • The first one is the “suction side automatic cleaner”, also known as suction cleaners. For pools that have fine particles of dirt and sand, these cleaners work perfectly. The costs are slightly higher than manual cleaners.
  • The next choice is a pressure-side pool cleaner, which cleans large debris and leaves easily. These are one of the durable options on the block. The debris will be collected in a bag for quick removal. The costs are higher as there is a motor included in the cleaner. You will also find a few options that don’t have a motor, but use the water pump of the pool for cleaning.
  • One of the expensive but worthy choices is a robotic cleaner. This kind of cleaner doesn’t require any manual work and will do all the tasks, including removal or dirt and debris along with scrubbing of the walls and floors. Needless to mention, the prices are on the higher side.


Do take a look at the Pentair Great White Side Suction Pool Cleaner before you buy other options. You will also find solar powered cleaners in the market today!

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