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What are the services provided by the talented landscapers?

Talented commercial landscapers such as Dimensione Verde look forward to offer a wide array of latest gardening and landscaping services per the demands and requests of the clients. It is not that everyone nowadays want the trending gardens, some still prefer to have the traditional Italian landscapes or that of the English or French. If you’re intrigued to have a piece of the Tuscan landscape in your property, welcome and hire an expert who can promise you that piece of Italy in your home.

The commercial landscapers mostly take the responsibility of designing and crafting the parks and gardens. It is not that they are only restricted to landscape the commercial properties some of the expert artisans do show their craftsmanship in designing the residential gardens. Here, we’re going to serve you with some of the services that mostly the premium landscapers offer. Scan them and choose the services per the planning you have for your property—

Designing and establishing Fountains

Pro landscaping and gardening superstars can help you have any type of fountain. Though space and budget are the two major matters of concern but with their assistance, you can make the dream come true and have any type of fountain.

  • Tiered fountains

If you’re fascinated by the Mediterranean style of fountains then you’ll be fascinated by the tiered fountains. In Spain and Italy, you’ll find these fountains at the plazas and courtyards. The craftsmen can make great models out of the stone and concrete following the designs of the fountains. Considering the area, the size is decided before the final installations.

  • Wall Fountain

Such fountains with a face engraved on concrete or stone and a basin are installed on a wall. These look incredible on a patio or courtyard.

  • Disappearing fountain

 These are also known as pondless fountains and the water reservoir is installed deep inside the ground. Through a pillar shaped structure, the water comes out and splatters.

Historic designs

The landscapers can gift you a garden that can make you go back to the gone eras. You can choose any century and they can design the landscape accordingly. For example- you can choose to have a Roman garden or that of the one with ancient Greek architectures.

Besides decking up the gardens and parks, they can design pools and patios just the way you want it. Let the landscaper help you in designing the whole project for a better outcome.

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