When Should You Hire a Plumber?

Most people don’t really know much about the plumbing systems in their homes. Over the years, plumbing systems have changed considerably. Today, modern plumbing systems are extremely complex and intricate. In fact, for an ordinary homeowner, understanding the plumbing system is not easy at all. The sheer number of pipes that are moving through the walls and the floors of your house might be quite confusing at first. For instance, it takes less than a second when you turn on the hot water knob for water to flow through the pipes.

quite confusing at first

However, the water first has to pass through the boiler, get heated, and then flow through a separate set of pipes and through the faucet into the sink. The water levels and pressure are all regulated by the series of valves that are connected in your house. If something goes wrong, you usually have to call a plumber. Unfortunately, most people often try to be over smart and end up causing more damage to the plumbing fixtures in their house. Don’t rely on using online guides and videos in order to fix the problem. Here are just a few common plumbing problems that might require you to call a plumber in Melbourne.

common plumbing problems

Drain Pipe Leaks

The drain pipe is bigger than the other pipes running through your house. The drain pipe is where all the wastewater collects and is then passed on to the main sewage line in your municipality. The water from your toilet, the shower and the sink will all go down the drain pipe. Needless to say, the wastewater generally consists of solids and semi-solids.

Sewage assembly

Many people flush useless garbage such as pins and other small items down their toilets. While the pressure in the drain pipe is generally quite high, these small items may get stuck in the pipe in certain cases. Over the passage of time, more things will get caught up in the drain pipe. This will reduce the pressure considerably, and might even lead to a leak. Water that leaks out from the drain pipe will get deposited in small pockets under your floor, and can lead to a mould infestation. Rather than trying to fix the issue yourself, you should definitely consider calling a plumber for this.

generally quite high

Burst Pipes

Another common issue that arises in many houses is burst pipes. Many plumbers offer emergency services, and can arrive at your place within an hour. Pipes can burst at any point during the day or night, which is why most plumbers offer 24-hour services too. In case a pipe bursts, you should immediately shut off the main valve in order to limit the flow of water through the pipes. The plumber will replace that particular portion of the pipe, test the pressure and then seal the pipes properly. This is not a job for an inexperienced person, so you should consider calling a plumber for this issue.

Hire a Plumber Burst Pipes