4 Brilliant Uses for Everyday Office Supplies

When you work in an office, especially in a cubicle, you are forever surrounded by fellow coworkers and tons of office supplies. While some people seek the advice of home remodeling contractors (yes, really), there are actually some brilliant décor ideas that you could perform yourself. No advice or professional input needed. So, instead of purchasing lots of different office supplies for your unique uses, or paying an hour’s worth of a contractor’s wage for a tidbit of advice, implement a few creative DIY hacks to turn your everyday office supplies into multi-purpose tools.

Hang Your Pictures with Paperclips

Most desk jobs offer you the option of expressing yourself within your cubicle. So, many workers choose to bring in pictures of their loved ones for a positive office vibe. However, frames take up way too much space and can clutter your desktop. Opt for a string of paperclips instead. Clip your photos to the string in a draped look across a cubicle wall. It saves space, gives others a pleasant view of the people you care about, and frees up your desk for other stuff. Add a pop of color with vibrant paperclips in rainbow colors.

Create Placeholder Tags from Post-It Notes

Sure, there are placeholder tags for folders and books that you can buy. But why invest in something else when you can simply cut your post-it notes into strips?  Jot down what you need to remember, then stick the post-it strips between the pages of a book or important folder. Make sure you label it well and leave a little tag sticking out so you can find it again later.

Use a Rubber Band Ball as a Paperweight

You’ve either made a rubber band ball or have seen one before. Either way, you should snag one as a multi-purpose paperweight and rubber band holder. Grab a rubber band when you need one, then set it back down to keep your papers and important documents settled on your desk. Use caution when making a rubber band ball though, as the snap backs can hurt.

DIY Designs with Sharpies

Want to add color to your stapler or desktop computer? Draw your own elaborate designs with Sharpie markers. These permanent markers give you a true outlet for free, creative expression, so make your doodles count. Not quite the artist? Write a motivational saying or inspirational quote that gets you through the work days.

Office supplies are useful and multi-purpose, so feel free to use the aforementioned tips as you see fit. Or, better yet, read through the above-mentioned uses to come up with your own hacks for office supplies. You never know—your awesome ideas could go viral.

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