5 Tips for Troubleshooting Microwave Problems

Busy families depend on the reliability and speed of microwave ovens. They are perfect for a quick dinner or reheating leftovers after a long day. Below are a few troubleshooting tips if you begin to experience problems with the operation of the microwave.

The Microwave Is Not Working At All

If you are sure that there is adequate power getting to the microwave, the fuse may be blown from getting overheated. Replacing the fuse is not difficult, but you need to consult your owner’s manual, or hire a technician to do this for you. It is easy to get an electrical shock from a microwave, even when it is unplugged.

Microwave Quit Working After Door Was Slammed

Slamming a microwave door hard will blow the fuse. You will need to follow the recommended procedure to replace the fuse, or hire a repair technician to do the job safely. Keep this in mind after the problem is fixed. Be gentle with the door when you open and close for use.

Strange Buzzing Sound

If the microwave is not heating items and you hear an annoying buzzing sound, it is likely that the diode is blown. This is a part that can be easily replaced by an experienced repair technician. Your microwave will be working as good as new.

The Turn Table Does Not Move

Worst case scenario when the turntable does not spin has to replace the control motor. Check an easy fix first. Make sure that the carousel is set right, free of debris and able to move freely. If all of these are taken care of and the turn table still refuses to move, you will need to have the motor changed.

Sparks Inside the Microwave

Look for the obvious reasons that you are seeing sparks in your microwave. Is there food covered in foil? Did you inadvertently leave a fork or spoon on a plate? Removing these metallic items should fix the problem. If not, there might be a need to change the high power diode, microwave stirrer, or perform an intensive clean. Leftover food and grease build-up can cause sparking.

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