A Fresh New Floor: Vinyl Options

When it comes time to renovate your home, flooring is often a major decision. Each room of the home has different requirements. Bedrooms do well with wood or carpet, while kitchens and bathrooms need to accommodate the presence of water. Vinyl is a popular option when it comes to various areas of the home. Vinyl planks have become popular for main living areas. They add class and durability. Vinyl comes in many colours and patterns that mimic real wood. The many options of vinyl can complement your entire home.

The Wood Look

Vinyl that looks like wood is the most popular version. This is also the most versatile when it comes to coordinating with décor. The wood look can be a basic brown, or have a variety of tones mixed in. there is always a grain-like pattern to mimic sheets of wood. This looks the most natural and compliments many different wall colours and furniture types. It also feels great beneath your bare feet, and it is easy to clean. It usually comes in planks that must be fit together and can be cut to fit any size area. The best part about laminate is the waterproof texture. You can now put the wood look in your bathrooms, as well.

Concrete Design

Concrete floors are also a rising trend. The introduction of various stains has motivated many people to strip the flooring right out of their homes. The concrete slab underneath many homes, however, is not always a feasible option for daily flooring. It is often uneven, extremely rough, and covered with paint overspray. It can be expensive and laborious to renovate this type of concrete. Vinyl flooring that mimics concrete can be a creative option for modern homes or businesses. It helps you stay trendy without spending weeks trying to bring old concrete back to life.

More Fun

There are always new creations on market. Vinyl flooring is another area where creativity has begun to take over. New textures and colours are always making their way to the showroom floor. Marble is one option for those that want to add some luxury to their living environment. Real marble can be incredibly slick to walk on, and can chip easily. Vinyl gives you the look without the complications. Travertine and slate patterns are also up and coming features. Enjoy making your home one-of-kind with these creative options.

Vinyl flooring is making quite the comeback as these new designs have infiltrated the industry. You can find a vinyl floor that looks like almost any pattern you can think of. Flooring has become fun again. You can easily find the perfect pattern to match the theme in each room of your house when you shop for vinyl flooring in Telford.