The feeling of a warm floor underneath the feet on a cold winter morning is just magical. Electric Floor Heating brings this dream to reality. It is an efficient way to warm up your house. Apart from being effective, it is also noiseless, which makes it even more attractive. Here is all that you need to know about this state-of-the-art technology for heating up your home.

How it works.

The radiant heating system makes the floor warm by transferring the heat from the coils or the tubes to the floor’s surface. Once the coil or the water tubing under the floor has heated, it radiates this heat to the floor and then through the room. This helps to heat the room more evenly than any other system like a forced-air system would. It is less noisy as it doesn’t push air through the ducts, neither is there any furnace running.

Important Facts 

  1. Wire Mesh: The wires which have to be heated are lopped. After this, they are embedded into a special mesh mat which can be easily sliced or trimmed. This mat can then be rolled out to cover a large flooring area.
  2. The right floor: The electric radiant heating system works more efficiently when installed under the right flooring like marble, tile, or stone flooring. Though these flooring materials pair best with the radiant heating system, it also works equally well with vinyl and hardwood flooring and wall to wall carpet.
  3. Warms with minimal heat: The radiant heating system works by providing heat from under the floor. This means that the heat builds up slowly and first makes the floor warm, starting to warm up the room.
  4. Extras: This type of heating system is perfect for heating extras without extending the HVAC ducting. When it is supplement with various electric baseboard heaters, it can offer enough space heating.


  1. Saves money: The radiant heating system works by heating the room from the bottom up. Once the heat has spread evenly across the room, it is maintained for a longer time. Even if you shut down the system, the room would continue to be warm for a while. This will help you to save on your energy bills.
  2. Noiseless: Most of the conventional ways of heating the house make a lot of noise. The radiant heating system is a quitter alternative to heating your home. The system has been designed to guarantee a noiseless operation.
  3. Control is in your hands: The radiant heating system makes it easier to warm up separate sections of your house effortlessly. You can choose which area needs heating at what time. If certain rooms aren’t in use, you can choose not to hear them. Some of the heating systems come with a programmable thermostat which ensures that every space is heated as required and there is no energy loss. You can put on a timer when you want to warm up the room.

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