A New Type Of Show Room

At some point in time or another, all business owners must answer a simple question, “would my business do better online?” Most businesses have a brick and mortar building and focus on paying their employee’s, paying for the building (either a rental payment or mortgage) and taxes on all of their services. They grapple with the question of whether or not they should meet their customer’s face to face or chat with them online.

New Shopping

No doubt, technology has reshaped the modern business. Many would say that the Internet has totally destroyed modern business as we know it. It’s doubtful that no one has ever shopped online. Many people take it a step further and use their mobile phones to do even more research on their shopping. In a survey that was designed to find out what the pros and cons are for Online shopping, one in five customers states that they online go into brick and mortar stores to price compare. Then, they go home and buy it online.

Negative To Positive

There’s always a silver lining in every cloud. When color and texture are vital to the final decision, people are much more likely to shop in a brick and mortar shop. They want to know exactly what they’re getting without a doubt. No picture on a computer or a smartphone can withstand such scrutiny because pictures are only as good as the device they are on and all of their colors will vary. Showrooms are an ideal way to do this.

Service To All Markets

It’s vital that businesses today recognize the value of serving both online and brick and mortar customers. Thanks to technology it’s easy to visualize many products from a picture. However, many people will want to actually touch the product before they make a final purchasing decision.

Winner Combo

When online meets brick and mortar, retailers will have not only a local presence but also a virtual presence. This can more than double their sales and their revenue. For a customer that wants to make a purchase, they may search online before they walk into the actual store and look the product over. they will review the pros and cons of the product and the specs on the product.

Game Changers

While still in infancy, there’s no doubt to any consumer that online is a great way to go. It’s vital to have both options available so that consumers can have options. If they want to look over fine details and specs, if they want measurements before they buy, if they want to know all of the options, they can find these online. When they are ready to buy, they can walk into the store with all of this vital information at hand and pick up just what they want and look at the actual texture and color. It’s vital to them to have done the research and make the right product decision. They may do all of the research online, but when they are ready to buy, they don’t want to pay shipping and handling so they drive to the store and they pick it up. It’s that simple.

Regardless of who it is, shopping online and in a brick and mortar store offer consumers the best of both worlds.

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