Carpet Cleaning Made Easy – Simple Tips to Keep Your Carpets Sparkling Clean

Carpets are a great addition to any room, and can liven up any space. If you throw in a carpet as a centrepiece in your living room, it could immediately improve the aesthetic appeal of the entire room, especially if you buy carpet that compares and contrasts with the furniture and the colour on the walls. Carpet has been used in houses for thousands of years. In the past, carpets were incredibly expensive, and were considered a sign of extravagance in the past. Even today, the most expensive carpets are handmade.

The Persian handmade rugs are commonly used as centrepieces, and are made from very high-quality wool that is intricately threaded together. However, if you have carpets in your house, you will need to change your habits a bit. Carpets are not as easy to clean as compared to other flooring options. If you drop a coloured liquid on the carpets, it’s likely to leave a stain. Food spills on the carpets can also cause a stain on them. If you have expensive carpets, you might want to learn a thing or two about cleaning them properly. Here are a few simple tips to keep your carpets sparkling clean.

Blot The Stains

A common reflex action when something drops on the carpets is to rub on the stain. Most people use a wet cloth and quickly start rubbing on the carpet in order to remove the stain. That’s a bad idea, especially if you have a more expensive carpet. It’s going to damage the fabric and also cause the stain to spread further. Instead of rubbing on the stains, you should just blot it carefully. Just use a clean cloth that has been dipped in water to blot out the stain. While blotting is unlikely to completely remove the stain, it’s going to prevent it from spreading further. It will also minimise the discolouration caused by the stain.

Get it Professionally Cleaned

You can search for a carpet cleaning company in Essex in order to have your carpets professionally cleaned. There are several carpet cleaning companies throughout Essex that specialise in cleaning carpets. At least once a year or so, you should get your carpets professionally cleaned. If the carpets are fixed to the floor, you can schedule an appointment with the company. They will send over a team to your place with professional cleaning tools in order to properly wash and clean the carpets.

However, if you have smaller rugs that are easy to transport, you can drop them off at the company’s shop. Many companies also offer a pickup facility to their customers, so they will send a truck to your place to pick up the carpets. The carpets will be cleaned and delivered back to you place in just a few days. This will prevent excessive staining and also minimise the chances of bacteria infestations in the fabric of the carpet.

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