Classic Game Review: Bubble Bobble 1987

The very first of two Taito arcade licences due to be sold by Fire bird Gold may be the hugely popular Bubble Bobble, with Flying Shark because of follow in November. All conversions were created by Soft­ware Creations, the programming team accountable for moving The Sentinel to the Spectrum. The bubble-blowing Brontosaurus pointed out within the blurb take presctiption a pursuit to fight through 100 screens and free their female buddies in the clutches from the evil Baron Von Bonner. As many as seven creatures may lurk on the screen and Von Bonner is guarded by six dif­ferent kinds of bully-minion- Benzo, Bonnie-bo, Boa-Boa, Blubba, Boris and Bonner.

Bub and Bob can both jump and blow bubbles. Attaching a bully inside a bubble renders it helpless, and bursting the bubble gets rid of the bully, delivering it flying in all directions in becoming fruit because it arrives at a ledge. Chomping fruit earns bonuses, and additional points if several bubble-clad bully is burst simultaneously.


Clearing all of the bullies very quickly causes extra goodies to look around the next screen – plus they confer high bonuses. Take too lengthy to complete a screen, however, and you are told to ‘Hurry Up’. The background music then accelerates just to increase the strain. Ignoring the rate warning causes Baron Von Blubba to create a look and feel – together with his brother if your two player game is within progress. The Baron and the brother stick to the Brontosaurus round the screen attempting to kill them until either the final bully is destroyed or even the Brontosaurus are wiped out.

Platform plans on later screens become more and more hard to negotiate, and in most cases it appears impossible to accomplish an amount. However, there are lots of methods to become learned, for example bouncing on bubbles because they rise.


Around the last screen Bub and Bob satisfy the Baron – the greatest bully of all of them, as well as the hardest to eliminate.

Bubble Bobble is extremely original, very addictive and very exciting. Be suited businessmen happen to be recognized to relieve the day’s tension by playing for hrs on finish, notch­ing up impressive high scores along the way however the extent of their success within the arcades is really a mys­tery – its apparent simplicity could so easily have meant it being over­looked. However it wasn’t – there’s more for this game than first impre­ssions suggest.

Software Creations deserve hearty congratulations for produc­ing such top quality conversions of the excellent arcade game – they have in some way were able to cram all of the features from the original in to the comparatively tiny recollections of the house computers. Unquestionably, Bubble Bobble will rank very well one of the arcade conversions readily available for home machines.

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