How to Decide a Suitable NYC Moving Day?

Moving from one place to another can be quite a challenging task that too when you have lots of heavy furniture items and other materials. There can be chances of damage to costly furniture and other items. Moreover, it is important that nothing goes missing from your list and every item reaches safely. Following section will brief you some of the things that you should keep in mind while moving to New York.

How to Search for a Moving Company

Moving companies are getting popular nowadays. These companies have professionals who can make your material movement task quite easy. They know how to handle delicate and heavy material items, thereby resulting in lesser breakage and damage to expensive materials. Following section will brief you how you can find New York moving services.

Browse and List

Internet is a great source of information. Only with a click of mouse, you can get a list of several moving companies in New York. From the search results, prepare a list of moving companies, which can offer you services at affordable charges. After that, call them and ask for more information such as their charges, expected time for material delivery etc. You can enquire more information about the company’s establishment, their lines of business etc. In case, you get convinced with their services, enquire about NYC moving quote.

Estimated Cost

Quotes received from various moving companies will give you an idea of expected charges. It is still important to take accurate costing. Usually, the charges of moving materials from one place to another are dependent upon the material dimension, material volume, no. of units etc. Hence, make sure that you give accurate data to the moving company for cost calculation.

Insurance of Material

As moving company is handling your costly material items, it should take complete responsibility for material delivery. The moving company should provide insurance of items during transit. In case any item gets damaged during the transit, you should claim the same from moving company.

Quote Comparison

After getting quotes from various moving companies, it’s important to prepare a comparison having details of prices charged by various companies, services covered etc. During high competition in the market, most of the moving companies charge the same price.

However, there can be some price difference due to company’s reputation in market or service coverage variation. Make sure that you read the quotes completely to identify the reasons for variations in price quotation. In case details are still unclear, you can call and ask the moving company itself.

Prepare a List 

It is important that you have a checklist of all the items that you want to carry while moving to a new place. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on anything important and take your every belonging. Pack the items as per the prepared checklist. This will result in proper packing and movement of material. However, it is important that before your NYC moving day, you part with old items which you don’t want to take. Taking unnecessary items to new place will unnecessarily add to the cost. Hence, it’s best to donate or throw junk items.

Arrange Boxes on Your Own

Usually, moving companies provide their own boxes for material packing and movement. However, it has been observed several times that the boxes charges taken by these companies are quite higher in comparison to usual box prices. On an average, actual price of boxes is 1/10th of what is charged by moving companies. Hence, if you want to save some money, it is advisable to arrange for the boxes and use them for material movement.

Start Packing Early

It is important that you don’t wait till last minute to pack the material. If you don’t pack the materials well-in-advance, there can be delay in material movement. Hence, remain ahead of time and plan everything in such a way that your job is finished before movers arrive. It is advisable to start with one room at a time, before a week of your NYC moving day. Rushing everything at last minute can lead to material damage as well, which of course, isn’t a good thing.

In addition to this, doing everything in advance will leave you with enough time to focus on other activities. After completing the packing, you can focus on other things such as arrangements at new apartment, new furniture/materials that you want to purchase etc.

Pick a Moving Suitable Moving Date

With all the above-mentioned things, choice of a suitable moving date is also important. The date should be chosen keeping everything in mind such as there shouldn’t be any important occasion on that date like birthday, anniversaries etc. Moreover, it’s important to check availability of other family members on that date. Make sure that most of your family members and friends are available on moving date to support you.

Price Consideration of Moving Date

Moving charges can depend upon the moving day you’re choosing. This variation is due to more demand for moving services on certain days. For instance, charges are likely to be high on weekends than weekdays. Hence, if you can plan your moving on weekdays, there can be some cost saving. You should check for the available dates with your mover and then plan for suitable dates as per least cost. In case, you can wait sometime for moving to other place, it’s better to share your moving day with others to save some extra pennies.

Consider Moving Purpose

It is important that you decide a moving date as per your comfortability. For instance, if you’re moving to new apartment for a new job, the moving day shouldn’t be Sunday. This can make your schedule a bit hectic since otherwise you’ll have to attend the office on Monday. Hence, make sure that you plan the things in such a way that your moving plans don’t get affected in anyway.

To conclude, moving companies can make your work a lot easier. All you need is to search for a professional moving company at affordable cost.

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