Consider These Elements When Creating A Rustic Room

Things To Keep In Mind When Creating A Rustic Environment

Dwelling in an environment that captures the feel and essence of the great outdoors brings with it a touch of tranquillity and serenity. Whether you are decorating a lodge by a creek or transforming an existing part of your home, achieving a rustic living space can be had with a bit of creativity. Let’s examine a few things to keep in mind on this design journey.

Introducing The Fireplace

In a similar way to how camping isn’t camping without the inclusion of building a campfire, adding a warm, inviting fireplace to your living space is a surefire way be to bring the feeling of the great outdoors inside. This central piece to your rustic design should be constructed with surrounding elements made of stone or rock if possible. A mantle made of thick natural wood is a great way to complete the look.

Non Painted Wood

Wood should be used generously throughout the room to help provide a rustic appeal. This wood should be unpainted allowing its natural grains and textures to be seen and felt by all who enter this space. Allowing the wood to stay in its natural state aids in creating a diverse color palette when a number of different wood types are used for tables, chairs, counters, and structural beams.

Found Objects And Other Decor

When it comes to decor that aids in achieving a rustic environment, found objects go a long way in adding a touch of authenticity. Branches with a unique look, for example, can be used to present a look that is truly earthy. Items such as barrels, wicker baskets, and lodge style rugs are great accent pieces to add to the room. When it comes to fabrics to be used, it is best to stick to those that are low maintenance which works to complement a used and worn appearance. Linen and cotton are the best choices and can be used on things such as seat covers among other things.

Designing a cabin or creating a similar environment in your existing home is all about blending indoor and outdoor elements. The ending result is one that provides the serenity of being in the cradle of nature. There are a number of places to gather what you need to create the perfect space. Furniture should be made of wood that remains as close to its natural state as possible, so stores that deal with crafted furniture should be on your lists. Places like Roth Rugs can supply great accent decor and styles of rugs while many other things can be had for free found out in nature.

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