Domestic helper job description

Domestic workers are known by several other names that include domestic helpers, nannies, maids, or housekeepers. They perform a variety of tasks around the household of their employer, including housecleaning, cooking, and running errands. A domestic worker can also work as a  護理員 if you have someone that needs special care in your home. In most cases, people prefer to have domestic workers living separate from them, but that only happens in some cases. In other cases, families live with their housekeepers under the same roof or at least in the same compound.

As a domestic worker, you will work as an independent contractor where you report to one or two members of the family you are working for. In some cases, domestic workers work for staffing or employment agencies so that they are paired with different employers. Part of their salary goes to the staffing agency as payment for the services received. Working as domestic worker comes with several responsibilities that include.

Duties and responsibilities of domestic workers

When you are working as a domestic worker, the duties that you partake in a day will hugely vary with the family you work for. The needs of a family are what will determine the kind of work you do in a day. Some families have more needs than others so your work will depend on those needs. Even though chores vary with the needs of the family, there are certain chores that remain the same regardless of the family in question.

For example, working as a domestic worker, you will have to handle housekeeping chores. These chores will include mopping, vacuuming, and sweeping the house. You will also do laundry and cleaning dishes. You may also be asked to prepare some or all meals that the family takes. In case the family has a lawn or a garden, it may be your job to look after them.

Maids run errands and provide caregiving services

These two tasks will depend on the family. However, you should expect to be asked to run errands if the family you work for require it. Some of the errands you will perform include going for grocery shopping, taking children to school and picking them up, dropping laundry to a drycleaner and picking them up, and taking family members to doctors’ appointments. If you have to run errands using your own money for transport, it is important that you ask the family to reimburse you at the end of the day or month.

In case the family you work for has an elderly member, you may be required to look after them too.

Domestic helper skills

You will need to have the necessary physical stamina to handle the activities involved in working as a domestic worker. You will need to be a good time manager so that you complete your chores in good time. Being able to work without or with minima supervision gives your employer an easier time. You should be able to read and follow instructions and have knowledge of cleaning practices and procedures among others.

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