Deck Repair and Remodeling

A deck is an important part of a home, providing desired outdoor living space. A quality well-cared for deck is an excellent selling point for any home. Repair and remodeling of your deck might be the next best project if you feel it is not up to par and could use a little extra attention.

Replacing Old Deck Boards

Replacing old and worn boards on a deck is a relatively common project, especially in area of the country where there is a lot of moisture in the summer, or winter months. Moisture penetration into the wood will eventually lead to structural failure if the boards are not replaced. As long as the framework is still sturdy, replacement of the boards is not as high as having an entirely new deck built.

Refinishing Existing Wood

Protecting wood from the negative impact of moisture and UV rays of the sun means coating and protecting the wood. There are all types of stains and paints that work well for decks. Regular upkeep of sealing the wood is a way to make the deck last for many years.

Adding New Stairs and Railings

Stairs and railing for decks can really take a beating over the years. They get the most consistent use of all the wood that comprises a deck. Boards can loosen, rot or get knocked loose through the heavy traffic experienced. The overall floor space of a deck may not have traffic on each square foot every day, but generally the railings and stairs are used by everyone that comes through. This faithful wear-and-tear results in a need for replacement sooner than the remainder of the deck.

Awnings and Deck Covering

One deck project that can add value to the home is to add an awning or covering that protects from the sun. This makes it a more comfortable spot to relax, have barbecues and other group gatherings. The results can be as simple as a canvas awning, or an elaborate wood and glass partial enclosure that seems to be straight out of the French countryside.

Updated Outdoor Furniture

There are times a deck remodel is complete by simply updating the outdoor furniture. New chairs, tables and cushioned benches provide an outdoor living space that exudes comfort. It can be an inexpensive way to completely change the look and feel of your deck.

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