Why More People Are Choosing a Heat Pump

Saving money is something every family strives to do, but the costs of heating and cooling a home can make it difficult to do. Switching to using a heat pump for all your heating and cooling needs is a proven way to reduce your energy use, which naturally lowers the bill.

Heat Pumps Use Less Electricity

Heat pumps are designed to either heat, or cool your indoor environment by using only one-quarter of the electricity it takes a standard gas heater and air conditioner. This is one way to give back to nature and not have valuable resources drained creating energy. Any reduction in energy use is a good reduction.

How Heat Pumps Save Energy

Heat pumps do not use electricity to generate heated or cooled air. Ground level heat pumps are the most efficient. They will use the heat from the ground to generate the heat your home needs. They cool the space in the summer by taking the hot air in your home and expelling it to the outdoors.

Heat Pumps Also Work to Cool a Home

A heat pump is not limited to heating a space. The same concept that allows a heat pump to heat the home, can also work in reverse to cool the area. This means you are provided a way to save money every month of the year. You will immediately feel the cooling it provides, even on the hottest days.

Designed to Run Efficiently

Heat pumps are designed and tested to work at their best in the climate in which they are sold. They are adjusted to handle the temperatures, humidity and lack of humidity that all factor heavily into making it difficult to control the temperature in your home. The heat pump will help keep the temperature comfortable all year long.

Save Money On Your Heating and Cooling Bills

A major reduction in the use of electric and absence of burning fossil fuels means the heat pump is both less expensive and safer to use. You never have to worry about a build-up of carbon monoxide fumes. Traditional HVAC units will have you using nearly half of your home energy on heating and cooling. The huge reduction you will see in energy use translates to real savings on your bills.

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