Decorate with Your Inner Child

Sometimes we get stuck in our mature vision of decoration, thus our houses can look very neat and tidy but lacking fun. Growing up we would imagine having secret passages or forts to retreat to when our siblings annoyed us. As adults, we seem to have lost that sense of fun when we decide how to decorate our house. Why stop imagining just because we are older and ‘mature’? Imagination is at its peak when we are children. There are many things we can still do within our house to be stylish yet fun. Below are some ideas to bring out your inner child and have a fun decoration and design in your house.

The Fortified Bedroom

Sometimes we need to keep our allies near and enemies far. So why not utilize a fort setup for the bedroom? An elevated bed can give the look of a fort with a few touches. For example, utilizing raw wood for the base and rock titles to give the castle look. This can be completed with a ladder leading to the bed. Another example would be a swinging bed that is retractable to create more space in your bedroom.

The Secret Passage to the Office

Many times we want to keep our office space separate from the rest of the house, but why not make it a secret room? Instead of using a door for this room, we can use a bookshelf or a china cabinet on rails. This can create a sliding door that also adds more space to your living area. Having a hidden office also has its perks. It is not only more private, but also away from view so that you don’t need to constantly think about work. Keep in mind, this is to bring your inner child out and work only suppresses it.

The Multi-level Treehouse

Treehouses are wonderful. Who wouldn’t want to spend time in the air seeing everything from a higher vantage point? As children, we always want to climb up trees and stay there for hours on hours. Trees however might be a bit dangerous as the potential of falling is present. To eliminate the potential of falling and breaking a few bones, you can always recycle or repurpose existing structures to create your very own personal multi-level treehouse. Some examples are using steel water tanks, grain silos, or even a small water tower. This will give the opportunity to build multiple stories for an outside retreat.

The Beach Retreat

Why go to the beach when you can have the beach in your house? Well of course, without the sand and ocean, but hammocks can be great elements of decoration. Instead of having couches that take up a lot of space and collect dust when not being used, install a few hammocks to give that beach vibe. Make sure to add a bamboo or wooden ceiling fan to give the beach breeze and feel. Swinging back and forth in a hammock can be relaxing, but make sure not to swing when inebriated as it could cause undesirable effects.

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