5 Christmas Trends You Should Know

With Christmas just around the corner, it is now time to know more about the holiday trends, including those that will be mentioned in the rest of this post. Before you start planning fun Christmas games with your family or Christmas party game ideas in the office, below, we will list down some of the 2018 trends that will make the holidays more festive and memorable.

  1. Creative Napkins

Based on the 2018 Christmas Trends according to Pinterest, one of the things that we will see a lot this year would be creative table napkins. This will make the Christmas meal more enjoyable. More than having great food, the table setting also matters. You should prepare not only a feast for the belly but also a feast for the eyes. You can fold the napkins in the shape of a tree or you can embellish it with pinecones and other items that will be reminiscent of Christmas.

  1. Christmas Card Display

Soon, your email will be flooded with Christmas party announcements and you will be receiving online Christmas invitations. Your mailbox will also be filled with cards from loved ones around the world. In the past, most people will just open these cards and keep them in the drawer. Nowadays, as cards are more beautiful, they are displayed as part of the Christmas décor at home. No need to hide them! You can use washi tapes to stick these cards on the wall or create your own creative card holder.

  1. Healthy Holiday Feast

With more and more people being health conscious these days, Christmas feasts are also expected to change. This 2018, you can see a lot of healthy foods being served and with an inventive twist. Healthy sides will be popular, including roasted veggies. For the sweet endings, Christmas keto pavlova will be a big thing! Barbecued fish with lemon will also be a staple. Vegan chocolate, cherry, and honeycomb parfait will also be a hit this season!

  1. Beeramisu

Creative desserts will also make an appearance this Christmas. If you are thinking of what to prepare for family and friends, a beeramisu will be a good idea. Basically, it is a beer tiramisu. Although it is facing some opposition from pastry chefs in the region where the tiramisu is from, it will still be a trend as people crave for something different!

  1. Festive Looks

When it comes to the 2018 holiday trends, dark berry lips will be big for a bold and chic look! More so, with regards to what to wear, silk satin tops will be popular. To complete your holiday style, a metallic foil finish eyebrow will keep your eye on trend! Galactic prints, dark florals, and colorful fur are also expected to be fashionable.

From festive decors to a healthy feast, the things mentioned above as just some of the biggest trends that you will see this year. Jump into the bandwagon and feel the joy of the season!

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