What’s The Hype About Scandinavian Furniture? Find Here!

Interior design trends change every now and then, and in recent years, some of the biggest Scandinavian brands have made an impact at the global level. Scandinavian furniture, in particular, have been a point of attention, mainly because the focus is on minimalistic design, simple forms, selected colors, and use of natural materials. In this post, we take a look at Scandinavian furniture, or meuble scandinave.

The basic

Scandinavian furniture is known for being minimalistic in nature. The designs may look humble, but have an interesting and wide-ranging impact on contemporary homes. Despite following the concept of ‘less is more’, Scandinavian furniture isn’t boring and there are no compromises as far as functionality is concerned. This is also the precise reason why some of the best brands have found global recognition. Let’s also remember that this kind of furniture isn’t exactly cheap, but that extra price is worth paying.

The love for accent

Upholstered furniture is a big thing in Scandinavian interior décor, and the focus is on accenting colors. This can be a nice chair in the living room, or grey chairs that have bright cushions in yellow or green. The idea is to add a few colors, but at the same time, nothing is overdone in any way. Most of the Scandinavian furniture items have rounded corners with rectangular shapes, and yes, upholstery plays a dominant role in creating textures, which is our next point.

Textures and blue

As mentioned, Scandinavian furniture includes a lot of blue, and in shades and colors. Blue can be the furniture color, a rug or almost anything in the setup. As for textures, rugs and throws are extensively used, but ensuring minimalism at the same time. Blue, in particular, is used against a white backdrop, which creates the perfect contrast.

Natural materials are here to stay

Wood is often the preferred material in Scandinavian designs, but you will also find minimalistic racks, cloth hangers that are designed of metals. There are no complicated elements in these designs, and what makes Scandinavian décor trends worth the time is the way they use smaller items. A big room with minimal furniture that don’t have complicated shapes against a grey backdrop with a blue rug and some blue cushions thrown in – It’s that simple.

Check online now to find the best brands for Scandinavian furniture and don’t forget to check the collections by room and design.

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