How to do a successful pocket door installation?

The pocket doors, also famously called the sliding doors are a wonderful home solution for all kinds of homes. But the success of the installation depends on the type of hardware you select for them.

Pocket doors are very versatile architectural components. They give you the privacy you want as and when needed. Choosing the door is a very simple and straight process, but choosing the hardware- the pulls and the tracks is something to be done with much detailing.

The things you got to consider while getting the hardware component for it:


It all starts with choosing the right track system for the doors to slide on. There are mainly three types of track types that you can go for your doors’ track system:

  • Ceiling Track: In this the door is top hung from the ceiling. The door is affixed to the track from the top.
  • Floor track: It is just opposite to the ceiling track system. In this the door has track and rollers at the bottom side of the door.
  • Ceiling and floor track (multi-pass sliders): Here there is the use of both top and bottom tracks.


The pulls are the most visual aspect of pocket hardware selection. One will never find any shortage of choice when it comes to style, shape and size of the pulls. The door pulls should be easy and comfy to use. Most of the pocket door pulls include the flush pulls.

The various factors you need to consider while getting a pull for your door is the material (Stainless steel, brass, bronze and so on), shape of the pull (circular, rectangular) and lastly the size. The size needs to be considered as the deeper pulls are for thicker doors whereas rests of them are for thinner doors. It should also be enough big that one can hold it comfortably and open the door with absolute ease.

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