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Sleep Like Loyalty on a Platform Bed Today

For many centuries, the bed was the most valuable furniture in the entire house. It was a status symbol, and people went out of their way to have the fanciest and most opulent beds in their cultures. The luxury of sleeping on a bed, or for that matter having a separate room for sleeping, was reserved for the wealthy.

In the Middle Ages, those who could afford it had beds lined with fur with an elaborate canopy concealing the beddings ever so slightly. For those with limited abilities, a straw mattress on the floor was all they needed for a good night’s rest.

However, that was then. Today, you don’t have to be loyalty to lavish yourself, even when you are sleeping.

Platform Beds

Platform beds are not an entirely new concept. Since man moved from the caves, he has slept on something rectangular in shape. That might explain the shape of a platform bed, which happens to be rectangular.

A lot has changed, though. Since Tutankhamun’s platform bed was discovered in Cairo, historians can rightfully claim we have come a long way in bed design. Tutankhamun is a famous mummy, and ruler of Ancient Egypt when he was still alive.

What To Expect On Your Platform Bed

So, what exactly has changed? For starters, we now have comfy mattresses and beddings to keep us warm at night. Our ancestors had it rough because they had to rely on deer skin to keep warm at night. They rarely washed the deer skin, making it debatable if they enjoyed a good night’s sleep.

  1. Choice of Bed Frame

The modern platform bed has flexible wooden slats to support the mattress at the same time letting it breathe. Moreover, you can get just about any frame on a platform bed. Let your imagination run wild while choosing a frame for your new bed.

Our ancestors were mostly limited to the design of the frame. They were stuck with a rigid rectangular shape that did not take into account the ventilation of any of the beddings. If you can look at Tutankhamun’s bed, you’ll get an idea of how uncomfortable it was to sleep on that thing, yet it was made for a prince.

Modern platform beds are miles apart from early constructs. They are also functional and elegant to boot since you can have one with custom decorations and engravings.

  1. Choice of Size

If you are looking for something a bit bigger than your college bed, there are varying sizes of these beds to choose from. From king size beds to normal sized ones, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

There are various accessories you can order from to go with your new bed. All you need to do is search through their website, check out some of the beds and ask for a quote on a design you fancy.

The guys at will happily walk you through the various accessories that match well with your chosen design, as well as offering suggestions on how you can get the most out of the bed. What’s more, they’ll readily ship the bed right to your doorstep.