What is a permeable paver?

As time goes on, advancements come in multiple ways. Now Same goes for pavements. In today’s world, concrete and asphalt dominates any paving project in regards to the method of paving. Now, if you have ever had to get a drive way paved or perhaps build a side walk. Then you know how expensive and time consuming that this method can take. But, if you have a project that requires paving in these ways, there are better options. Permeable pavers are one of these ways. Though if you are unfamiliar with this method let me explain.

How does it work?

Let me start by explaining how this method differs from others. For starters, it does not require a mixer or heavy equipment, to lay the foundation of the pavement. Instead, A plastic sheet is used for the base and a loose material acts as a filler. Which can give you a few advantages over other methods. At the bottom of each sheet a drainage hole is placed, in order to allow liquids to pass through unimpeded and not linger on the surface. Which may not sound to impressive, until you hear how that can benefit you.

Befits and features

The reason for the drainage holes at the bottom, is because water and sun can erode traditional method. Causing serious damage down the road, like pot holes and cracks. When heat or water is introduced to concrete, it can greatly reduce its longevity. But, since heat and water will not linger on the base for long, it ceases to be an issue. You may also concern yourself with the base itself. Though the base itself is made of recycled plastic, there is no need for worry about its strength. Producing an impressive structural integrity, that can withstand over 6800psi before being reinforced. Its unusually cup like pattern, retains the material, while at the same time strengthening each other.

How does it fare in price?

When comparing it to concrete , you can immediately see a ten to fifty percent difference in overall price. Not needing nearly as big work force to accomplish the installation. Asphalt on the other hand is competently priced with this method and at times may seem cheaper than permeable pavers. That being said, it is in its lack of maintenance and life span, that permeable pavers over take traditional means in an affordable price.

Not having to clean or concern yourself with things like pot holes and cracks, you can expect not to have to pay anymore after installation. Its life span also reaches up to four times more than the two previously mentioned methods. Lasting up to sixty years, compared to the fifteen that the others boast.

With these reasons, you can see what permeable pavers are and how they can benefit you. Providing you a cheaper and comparable alternative, with a few other features, you can’t find in either concrete or asphalt. If interested, I suggest that you begin looking into permeable pavers.

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