Finding a different way to construct a building

Construction materials come in all various forms and when it comes to them, you often think of the classics. Things such as wood, concrete and bricks. Being used for decades, they have been tried and true since their incorporation of construction. But, that does not mean that there is not room for improvement or alternative materials for construction. In recent years, new technology has been helping us find new ways of building things and that goes for what we use to build them as well. And with that we have found better and cheaper ways to construct buildings. And that is what I want to talk to you about today.

When you think about the basics of a building, walls are a very important thing. They keep the structure stable and keep outside elements out. But, are you aware that companies like Wade Architectural systems have found a new and better way at constructing walls? Most likely not, if you are not current on building methods.

What Wade Architectural has made, is a wall that is comparable to that of a wood or brick wall. Using a metal panel and insolation. The only difference is that is more malleable than its earlier counterparts.  Which makes it better suited for more modern tastes in and custom fittings. Its materials being strong enough to handle modern architecture, while being lighter and easier to work with, unlike brick. It is also cheaper, considering that it made of less materials then if you built a wall or ceiling, in a traditional fashion.

Ceilings can also be made out of the building block. At this point you may be wondering what this material is called, Centria panels is its technical name. Because of its flexibility, you are not just limited to the same old same old.  Centria panels are designed to work with the imagination of the architect. Allowing new and exciting ways to express the building, in its given way.

You even have the option to have a 3d sculpture of what the final product will look like at the end of the day. They can even be custom order to fit whatever your job entails. The panels are made from recycled aluminum that is treated to prevent rust and last longer than normal. It is much more environmentally friendly then other methods, not needing wood and reducing the need for cutting down trees. If you are more environmentally focused

Wade Architectural systems offers other services and products, if you like what you see and hear. That can be seen by visiting their website. Where you can see some examples of what you can do with this building material. You could be quite surprised at the options and flexibility; this product can offer your build sand is perfect for modern design tastes. But, don’t just listen to what I have to say, see for yourself and find out if centria panels are right for your project.

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