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Vinyl floors have become quite popular in recent years and may fit any home with the right plan and design. “Trendy” is one of the words being used to describe this type flooring, because the desire for it among homeowners is trending upwards as others are trending downwards, just like other types of flooring materials have in the past. But vinyl has several important qualities, beyond simple appearance and popularity.

Perhaps the most important of these qualities is the resistance to wear and scratches. Some of the newest vinyl are almost indestructible, yet in many cases it remains recyclable. It also is widely manufactured without the harmful chemicals and colouring that may be an issue with older flooring and with certain new materials.

So Many Options

Working with someone who is experienced and knowledgeable in the flooring industry is highly recommended. Including such an individual in the early plans for flooring changes and upgrades may help bring some surprising ideas to light. For example, if most of the home has wood flooring and the property owner wishes to continue this in one or two rooms, it is possible to install vinyl that has the same appearance as quality wood. Yet, there will be much less maintenance and cleanup of spills and stains will be much easier.

So Many Options

Some homeowners have opted for carpet in certain rooms, primarily because they feel it is warmer and quieter than other types of flooring. However, the newest vinyl flooring delivers much the same performance, especially with the quality backing included in the manufacturing process. Of course, vinyl will be significantly easier to clean and maintain than carpeting, which tends to dirty easily.

One of the important tips that should come out in the planning and buying process involves the colour and general appearance of new flooring. Sometimes, homeowners will select and purchase new flooring, only to find that it looks a bit different when brought into the home. The lighting of the house and the surroundings may have a significant effect on how the flooring looks.

pose parquet moderne en vinyl

Health and Safety

While almost any flooring will be satisfactory in performance and in cleanliness if properly maintained, vinyl offers an element that many other flooring types cannot deliver. First of all, this type of floor can be cleaned with most basic household cleaners and some warm water. In addition to the ease of maintenance, the flooring has a waterproof coating that resists mildew, mould, and harmful bacteria. This may not be the top priority for some homeowners but it certainly is a positive point to consider.

It is very important to include a flooring professional in the early planning stages, so that an experienced viewpoint can be taken into account. As mentioned earlier, this expert will most likely urge you to take a sample home so that you can see how it looks in your setting with the lighting and colours of your home.

Health and Safety

There are some flooring companies who have been successfully serving the public for decades, some even being able to say that they have been in the industry for a century! Take a bit of time to find one of these experts when flooring is on the shopping list.

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